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Super Sako

Sarkis Balasanyan (Armenian: Սարգիս Բալասանյան; born August 17, 1978), professionally known as Super Sako (Armenian: Սուպեր Սաքո), is an Armenian rapper, DJ and record producer based in Los Angeles. He is best known for his hit single “Mi Gna”. He currently has two children, “Giana” and “Levon.”


As early as 2000, he started rapping and became more involved with Armenian singers such as Suro and Tatul Avoyan.

He was most famous for collaborating with the “Twinz”, who were also Armenian rappers.

Later in 2008, Super Sako would release his first official album known as Saint Sarkis and it was a big hit.

He would later release more albums throughout the years, which include Saint Sarkis 2Saint Sarkis 3Saint Sarkis 4Sako and Friends, and his latest album Love Crimes.

His 2016 single “Mi Gna” taken from his album Love Crimes, and

featuring rabiz singer Spitakci Hayko, became a hit in Armenia, the Armenian diaspora, Turkey, the Arab countries, and elsewhere. Artists who have covered the song include French rapper Maître Gims.