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Coldplay Tickets for “Music of the Spheres” World Tour 2024

Coldplay continues their “Music of the Spheres World Tour” in 2024.

At their last concert in Amsterdam, Coldplay announced new dates for 2024. The band will perform in Greece, Romania, Hungary, France, Italy, Finland, Austria and Ireland in addition to Germany.

Before that, the band will perform in Australia and Asia in the winter of 2024.

Secure your tickets for Coldplay 2024 now.

“I call it magic. You can hardly express it more aptly.

The mega-band Coldplay around frontman Chris Martin, with an unchanged line-up since 1996, has become one of the biggest pop-rock bands in the world.

Their concerts, which are always sold out, border on magic. Who has experienced it live,

knows what we are talking about. A colorful and cheerful show, in which fans and the band alike have fun – goosebumps are pre-programmed! Get Coldplay tickets now and experience one of the world’s most successful bands live in 2023.

Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion and Guy Berryman met in 1996 at London University College and from then on were to write music history. Their big breakthrough came in 2000 with their debut album “Parachutes”.


All of the eight subsequent studio albums landed at No. 1 in the album charts in numerous countries and some were awarded multi-platinum. In October 2021 Coldplay released their ninth studio album “Music of the Spheres”.




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