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cyprus eurovision 2024

“LIAR”– Liberating oneself from every fake and oppressive situation

“Liar” the title of the song, penned by Dimitris Kontopoulos and Elke Tiel that will represent Cyprus at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest

doesn’t necessarily confine its meaning to a person but also represents a number of fake situations that today’s often artificial and superficial reality has sadly imposed.

Situations such as body shaming, sexuality as well as every form of oppression.

This is exactly the interpretation depicted in the music video of the entry

Directed by Kostas Karydas that is to be released on all platforms on February 29th 2024.

In the said video, which was filmed after many years in Cyprus

More specifically at the City Of Dreams Mediterranean – the new landmark casino resort of the island and at the Limassol Marina,

we see through the eyes of the representative of Cyprus Silia Kapsis a series of

oppressive situations that a fake world and the negative side of social media often impose.

In the second part of the music video, we see Silia Kapsis reacting to these situations,

rocking the boat and daring to live her truth while at the same time inspiring others to follow her in a celebration of liberating oneself from such lies.

In the music video one can also see an extremely small part of the dynamic

choreography by the distinguished L.A.

choreographers Guy Groove and Kelly Sweeney with which “Liar” will be presented on stage in Malmo.

It should be noted that the music video will first air on the website of the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation rik.cy on 17:00 hrs.

CET while at 18:00 hrs.

CET it will premiere on the official YouTube channel of the Eurovision Song Contest.


cyprus eurovision 2024