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Blue Heart Foundation

The heart of the MC Group beats through Blue Heart for society.

Every business endeavor is complete when accompanied by participation and action for society.

MC Group proudly presents Blue Heart, an organization created to provide

support where it’s needed and to return to the citizens what they rightfully deserve but are unable to secure.

Blue Heart is a dynamic and multifaceted Non-Profit Organization, aimed at

immediately addressing urgent needs and substantially supporting our fellow human beings experiencing economic hardship, bullying, violence, and abuse. It relies on a vast network of people who voluntarily join forces.

Blue Heart is actively and substantially by the side of those who fight small and big battles, who constantly struggle for their basic rights, and who face various difficulties. We intervene and provide solutions to everyday issues, taking our responsibility as an online group seriously and leading the way in informing and preventing contemporary social issues.

We aim to contribute to the collective effort for balanced progress in society. Guided by selfless love, we stand by those who need us, providing a platform for their voice and expression, supporting diversity and every kind of struggle against injustice, isolation, and rejection.

Our network unites citizens, companies, and valuable volunteers. Because we all share the same vision: A better world for everyone